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Moulinets Shimano Sedona 8000 Boutique

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Localité: Mohammedia
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The Shimano Sedona 8000 front brake spinning reel will delight those who want to progress in the fishing with a top reel of choice while mastering their budget.
A size 8000 reel designed for the fishing of marine predators such as bars / loops, small tuna, snapper, the
A recognized specialist in Shimano reels always offers very good invoice equipment for the pleasure of both the most experienced fishermen and those who want to learn more about this technique.
The brand combines quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies to offer you products that are always more efficient and enjoyable to use.
With its brand-specific XT-7 composite frame, the Shimano Sedona 8000 IF will surprise you with its good performance in terms of robustness and lightness.
The building is also equipped with G Free Body technology.
The swing mechanism was moved to the top of the reel to bring the center of gravity closer to the rod. The result is a clear improvement in fishing comfort and a significant reduction in fatigue in fishing action.
In addition, this Shimano reel benefits from the presence of a HAGANE gear.
This equipment, usually intended for the highest-end reels of the brand, provides extra recovery power while improving long-term smooth and smooth rotation.
The Sedona IF also has 3 + 1 bearing that is a guarantee of smooth and smooth rotation that you will especially enjoy when recovering your lures as well as fighting.
This will improve the fun in fishing action.
On the other hand, this front brake reel has a soft and precise front brake that will be a partner of choice to fight with complete control and serenity.
With a power of #11 kg, this brake will allow you to face the combative predators without eye.
The Sedona IF is also equipped with a simple aluminum crank that allows for a more powerful recovery and a good ergonomics is a guarantee of fishing comfort in all circumstances.
The handle allows a safe and effective grip in all circumstances.
#Caractéristiques :
3 + 1 bearing with significant fluidity and smooth rotation
XT-7 composite construction for more lightness and robustness
"G Free Body" technology closer the center of gravity from the rod to the rod for better comfort and less fatigue
HAGANE gear for higher power and long-term fluidity
Soft and accurate front brake for calm fought
Brake power: #11 Kg
Ergonomic machined aluminum simple handle for good fishing comfort and a valuable grip
Cold forged aluminum AR-C coil with V lip for longer throws and less risk of wigs
Varispeed II technology for optimal wire roll on the coil
"Power Roller" significantly reduces line twisting during recovery
Weight: 615 g
Ratio : 4.9:1
Capacity: 0,37 mm of 275 m
Handle: Simple Machined aluminum
Recovery: 94 cm per crank turn

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